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Welcome to F.I. Loans

Our experienced team has a tremendous dedication to customer service. We are focused on connecting with our clients to make an accurate assessment of their financial and personal goals. Our streamlined processing eliminates much of the burden for our clients. Long term relationships are developed by offering competitive products, and exceeding expectations in customer service.

Our goal is to provide a wide array of funding sources for Multi-Family & Commercial Properties. We leverage a variety of lending outlets to insure our client's goals are achieved. These outlets include Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Life Insurance Funds, Foreign Investors, Portfolio & Conduit sources. Our diverse outlets give us the ability to pass on competitive rates and discounted fees to our clients.

Sound investment decisions are crucial in today's market. Personalized guidance and industry relationships have never been so important. Our firm has over fifteen years of solid experience helping clients to exceed their financial objectives. We pride ourselves in closing your transaction on time.

office: 800-871-5114